Irrigation Logistics Newsletter - March 2015

Update - March 2015

This season has been an extreme one for most farmers. We have had so many seasons at once and changes to the market's influences has made making decisions very difficult.
Irrigation Logistics Ltd has been extremely busy attending to customers' requirements. We are gearing up for changes in the Malvern area for 2015. This has meant new irrigation systems to replace existing machines or a completely new package from pumps and mainline including our Pierce CP600 Pivots.

The 2015 season will be a busy time. We have new customers, first timers to irrigation on farm doing a complete makeover for their property after the current dry season - exciting times.

All bookings are in place for the first CPW stage one customers with builds and work on farm starting now. Irrigation Logistics is able to carry on with existing work and new designs and quotes for 2015 season as normal. Remember if you are considering getting pivots for this coming season you need to be speaking with us now and planning the ordering and work on farm.

At Irrigation Logistics we have provisioned for this year. We have put people in place that are skilled and experienced to handle the work and complete to a time frame. Our key is customer focus.

Since Irrigation Logistics Ltd opened its doors in 2011 we have commissioned more than 60 Pierce Pivots and Linears, put in mainline, pumps and stock water systems.

We also service machines from the previous Pierce dealer. Some of these machines are nearly 15 years old and are still going strong proving the Pierce Brand is high quality and built to last.

If you are looking for a new irrigation system or upgrade of existing systems, talk to our team who have all been involved in irrigation for 20 years or more. You will get the best advice in the market and an irrigation design to best suit your farm.

Pierce Field Master Linear at Mark and Rebecca Turner's Property

Mark and Rebecca Turner from Halkett have given their property a totally new overhaul by adding irrigation. This will allow them new options and a change to their previous farming style.
Pierce Field Master Linear at Mark and Rebecca Turner's property with Will and Molly.
Pierce Field Master Linear at Mark and Rebecca Turner's property.

Pierce Field Master Linear at James and Andrea Shipley's Property

James and Andrea Shipley's farm in Greendale had existing irrigation but they decided to add another Pierce Linear to their mixed cropping business, to maximise production.
Pierce Field Master Linear at James and Andrea Shipley's property.
Pierce Field Master Linear at James and Andrea Shipley's property.


Pierce have recently released this new technology for farmers to enable running multiple machines from your device, laptop or phone and save you time on travelling from farm to farm.

For more information on this download the Pierce Farm Network Solutions brochure.

Variable Rate Irrigation

With new compliances around water efficiencies farmers are requiring accuracy and data monitoring. At Irrigation Logistics we want to assure you we can offer you the right advice and set you up to make sure your Pierce irrigation design meets all compliance requirements and has been specified with the correct package for your farming business.

For Sale

Briggs Roto Rainer Model 200 in good condition. Phone us on 0800 743 723.


Irrigation Logistics service team are on call 7 days a week. For any service requirements call our office for bookings 0800 743 723.


Need a Quote? Contact us for stock water quotes, new pumps and tanks.

The USD currency for purchasing is still holding its position to date. This is making the cost of your irrigation equipment very effective per hectare. Please don't hesitate to call John Quirk our sales manager on 0275 743 723 for any quotes or designs.

South Island Field Days

The South Island Field Days will be on during 25-27th March 2015 at the new location in Kirwee.

Come and talk to us at the South Island Field Days. We will be at sites 421 and 422.

Pierce CP600

Designed and field-tested for durability and features pace-setting advances available only with Pierce-built systems.

Our top performing Center Pivot System is an example of perfecting one aspect to make the entire unit better.

The CP600 design features unique, double-bolted mounting brackets on a triangular fixing for extra strength, reducing torsional stress on the span pipe.

Pierce AcreMaster

The lightweight, standardised components of the AcreMaster make it easy to assemble.

The mobility of the AcreMaster makes it easy to reposition in multiple fields, grow multiple crops and cut your per-acre investment.

The AcreMaster has low power consumption and efficient use of water make it inexpensive to operate.

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